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About Us

Our Hygienists

Criswell Clinic Dental Hygienists


Our large staff of registered dental hygienists assures that you can be scheduled for your check-up appointment very quickly. You will find them each skillful, instructive, friendly, and so importantly, gentle! In addition to routine x-rays, cleanings, and attendance at your dentist's exam, you will find them most helpful in describing the best way for you to cooperate in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. They are also trained in non-surgical gum treatment should that be your need. We would like, if you agree, to schedule your next hygiene recall appointment, be it 3 months, 4 months, or 6 months down the line, immediately following your first visit to our office. Don't worry...we'll send you a reminder postcard and follow up with a phone call reminder shortly before your scheduled recall.

Our Dental Assistants

Criswell Clinic Dental Assistants


Each of our dental assistants is registered with the state of Arkansas. They bring professionalism, competence, and friendliness to your dental experience at Criswell Clinic Family Dentistry. They can answer many of your questions before you are introduced to the dentist of your choice. They can address any concerns you may have, or bring them to the attention of the dentist for you if you would find that more comfortable. They will take any necessary x-rays and assist the dentist in his examination and treatment of you. Our dental assistants are also available for phone calls should questions come to mind after your visit.

Our Clerical Staff

Criswell Clinic Dental Clerical Staff


It is most likely that the first contact with Criswell Clinic Family Dentistry will be with a member of our clerical staff. Their first mission is to make you feel welcome and at home and to let you know that we value your call. Members are eager to assist you in whatever way you need, be it to schedule an office visit, answer questions about your bill, or to guide you through the maze that can be insurance. Or you may just have a general dental question...that's OK, too. One of our receptionists will be the one who calls to remind you of an upcoming dental appointment. Our treatment coordinator will present treatment recommended by the dentist, helping you not only to understand the procedures and time involved, but also to let you know, as close as possible, what your out-of-pocket expense will be. She can also assist you in obtaining financing should that be a need.